Safety and Health Policy Statement

The Creative Machining Company mission statement affirms that we "seek to prepare all employees."  In performing this mission, a well prepared crew is our most important asset.  In support of our employees, Creative Machining Company seeks to provide a working environment that is free of hazardous or unsafe conditions.  Department managers and supervisors are responsible for implementation and enforcement of safety standards and laws, within their area of responsibility.

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Quality Policy

The quality, dependability and added value that we build into all Creative Machining Company's products and services go far beyond engineering, tooling and manufacturing. It Is the personal commitment and responsibility of each employee to create, analyze and continuously improve our organizational systems.  Our strategic goal is to become increasingly valued by all users of our products and services, and excel when compared to competing alternatives.  At Creative Machining Co. systems analysis is the engine for continuous improvement.  Our policy is to make change a standard part of our procedures by using statistical data to recommend and implement changes in partnership with our customers and suppliers.Training and cross-training for each employee on the use of statistics emphasizes productivity and quality improvement.  The result is a team with the knowledge and skill to successfully manage change and challenge as opportunities. Together, with our customers, we will identify quality expectations and requirements.  We will meet or exceed these levels while paying close attention to cost and added value benefits.  With this objective, we can service Creative Machining Companies customers’ current needs and develop insight into their needs for the future.